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Would hiding a footer (with copyright information) on a website template be legal?

Let's say that I decide to create a website template that users can download for free or purchase a license. The free version includes a footer on the sidebar that includes something like: © ...
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What happens after bugs are found in a private residence? [closed]

I have evidence of being spied on by complete nobodies and weirdly threatened malicious people on the web so I have a bug sweep coming up. What should I do after the technician finds hidden cameras ...
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Consequences of blank check on privacy policy?

Some websites intentionally hide access to privacy policies and terms & conditions they require users to agree to. For example, consider the Hotel De Anza. If you click through the steps of the ...
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Can the police video-record sexual acts of underage children during an investigation?

I have read today that "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution in human trafficking probe". In the article itself, they state the that: "Robert Kraft, is being ...
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