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Questions involving Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

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Can you block the sidewalk in front of your house in a gated community?

We been getting window stickers in a gated community about parking on our driveway and partly blocking sidewalks. Is it legal or not?
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HOA - General Rule Violation [closed]

Sorry keeping some details private as to protect myself, but note I have a calendar log of every event that has happened. In the beginning of 2018 our HOA and we as Homeowners came to an agreement ...
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6 answers

Can someone be compelled to prove they are complying with a contract? (If contract doesn't stipulate such proving)

I serve on an HOA board, and a fellow board-member believes we can compel someone to prove they're not violating a rule, and punish them if they are violating it OR IF THEY REFUSE TO PROVE they aren't....
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Is it legal for an HOA to require information on an owner's guests?

My HOA recently began requiring that overnight guests sign an authorization form wherein they must give their full name, relationship to the owner, phone number and photo ID. This is a gross ...
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