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Are structural engineers required to have liability insurance?

Are structural engineers required by law to have liability insurance in Wisconsin? If it's not required, is it still common to have? Or do many structural engineers not carry it? (I know that's a ...
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Is a homeowner liable for the actions of a contractor?

Suppose a homeowner hires a contractor to haul debris off their property to the local dump. Can the homeowner be held liable if the contractor instead just illegally dumps the debris by the side of ...
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Is it illegal to claim an address as your "primary residence" if you don't live there most of the time?

I currently live and work in NJ. I am single and live with my parents. The apartment we currently live in is small and I want to buy a house, but my state is pretty expensive. My parents found a ...
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If the government obtains property through a tax lien, does the homeowner's association contract make it through?

If a person owns (100%) a property and is subject to a homeowner's association (HA) contract, but defaults on taxes, after which the property is sold via a tax lien sale, does the HA contract become ...
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What happens if a builder doesn't fully fix a problem, and then the home warranty runs out?

I (US citizen living in the US) have a home warranty on my property. This warranty, like all warranties, expires eventually. I have recently identified an issue that is covered by the warranty. What ...
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Legality of unwritten covenants - Architectual Review Process - HOA

I'm preparing to submit house plans for approval by my Architectural Review Committee. I felt confident. We prepared a house to the specifications of the covenants and studied them carefully. I just ...
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What should the division of payments be for insurance on a listed building where each flat is of a different value, size, shape and height in Scotland

My flat is at the top of a listed building, in Scotland. I have been paying less to our communal buildings insurance, as verified by our factor. We now factor the building ourselves and the other flat ...
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Do I need to report a subcontractor injury?

I have a house that I purchased that has been under a major renovation for 7 months. We hired a general contractor to oversee the project. Today when I got to the house to check in on things, one of ...
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