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For questions about human rights and their protection under law. "Human rights" are those that are broadly recognized as both universal and worthy of respect by law even if not explicitly protected by law.

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Can my landlord add additional fees for items listed as included in my rent?

I live in Virginia,USA and I have been in my apartment for 3 years and each year when I sign my lease for renewal it states that my washer and dryer fees are included in my rent if applicable. The ...
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Can the school force me to log into my social media accounts?

I live in the UK and go to a public school. Sometimes the school will force students to log into the social media account because there might be some cyberbullying. Is this legal if they have a reason?...
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My teacher is requesting private family life details, is this legal?

I live in England. My teacher is requesting private family information as homework. We're studying the play Romeo and Juliet, and she wants us to ask our parents about their dating experiences. I don'...
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What is the difference between state and federal habeas corpus proceedings for convicted prisoners on death row?

I am told that, in the US, people sentenced to death by a state can apply to that state's court for habeas corpus and then, if that fails, apply to a federal court for habeas corpus again. I thought ...
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What are the Statute of Limitations for New York City and State Human Rights Laws?

I am looking for some clarification on the Statute of Limitations for both the New York State Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law. Under Section 297 of the New York State Human ...
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Does the acceptance of a 'legitimate aim' in the context of Article 8 ECHR also imply its acceptance in the context of Article 14 ECHR?

Suppose that the European Court of Human Rights qualifies a certain policy aim, such as the protection of the Member State's health system, as constituting a 'legitimate aim' in the context of Article ...
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Inhumane changing condiions

In the school that I go to, we are occasionally (around 10 times a year) having to suffer inhumane changing conditions. There are 4 average sized groups and half the changing room is covered by desks ...
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At what point in a US airport have I been "admitted" to the US for legal purposes?

I understand that prior to crossing being admitted to the US the rights I take for granted on US soil do not apply to me. But it isn't clear to me when passing through a US airport where "admission" ...
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Article 9, ECHR question

Just doing some reading on human rights law, particularly article 9 and the case of R(on the application of Playfoot) v Millais School Governing Body (2007). I wanted to know if a specific ...
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Legality of street webcams?

Let's say your house window is right in front of a famous monument, and you want to enable people to see it at any time of the day and night with a webcam. Obviously when you place the webcam towards ...
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How much social media control can your employer exert over you?

Can a swiss employer force the employee to change the display picture and full name of your personal linkedin profile?
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What laws define resident and employee rights and protections on federal land, esp. administered by the National Park Service?

How do you look up which laws apply to people who live, work, operate businesses, etc., on a particular parcel of U.S. federal land, especially on land administered by the National Park Service? How ...
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Is the homes for Ukraine scheme in breach of the human rights act?

I can't really name it off the top of my head, but I want to say that there is an article of the HRA which prevents government policies and legislation itself from discriminating classes of people ...
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May the Justification of a "Legitimate Aim" in an Article 14 ECHR Case be Arbitrary in Light of Other Freedoms?

I'm learning about Article 14 of the ECHR and am a bit confused by the practicalities of its application. I understand something must fall within the ambit of another Convention right, and that there ...
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Which constitutions adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

I read on Wikipedia: Even though it is not legally binding, the Declaration has been adopted in or has influenced most national constitutions since 1948. So, which constitutions adopt the ...
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Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) is unsecular? (currently trending in india)

India considers themself a secular nation. It amended the Citizenship Act of 1955 by providing a path to Indian citizenship for members of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian ...
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Using OFL SIL font to logo

I have a question. I download FontAwesome (SIL OFL licence 1.1). I took icon- bulb and expand it to curves in vector software. I edit that icon that the icon never look like original anymore. And I ...
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