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Can states criminalize transporting a minor to another state for an abortion without parental consent?

Idaho is a state that outlawed abortion. A new bill (HB 98) has been introduced to modify their human trafficking laws, which mostly pertain to forced labor or sexual activities. This bill makes it a ...
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What law provides for asylum cases to proceed while IJ may move to close a case administratively on the basis of T-visa or other relief being sought?

Alice enters the U.S. and files for asylum with a case bound to prevail. However, while waiting to be interviewed, she gets kidnapped, and afterwards trafficked for labor and sex while continuously ...
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Is it true that it's not illegal for a parent to sell their 13-year-old child to a drug dealer?

My question is prompted by an episode of the TV show Law & Order, specifically the 6th-season episode titled "Slave". In the episode, a couple of the lawyers state as fact that it is not ...
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What is the legislative history of 18 U.S.C. § 1595 on "Civil Remedy" for crimes in Chapter 77 on peonage, slaver & trafficking in persons?

Since its enactment, the Chapter has undergone substantial changes. Initially, for e.g., the lack of specific definitions of "serious harm" § 1589 (c)(1) and (2) halted effective prosecution ...
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International law regarding human trafficing [closed]

What lawyers can handle a case that crosses borders and involves debt bondage human trafficking plus other crimes for victims of these crimes that take place in and between Canada and the U.S.?
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