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Buying a car for temporary use outside of my home state?

Strange scenario here: I live in Idaho, and would like to be in Colorado for a few weeks. Cars are cheaper in Colorado than Idaho (assume this is true). I'd like to fly to Colorado, buy a car, use it ...
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Leak prior to moving in, who should pay for the overages?

There was a significant water leak prior to moving into our rental. We were moving from out of state and got the rental several weeks prior to inhabiting it. As part of getting the rental we had to ...
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If our HOA does not have enough to pay for all damages, would putting everything into my trust be enough to protect my assets?

Let's say someone sues our small HOA for more than the HOA insurance will cover (for something that happened in the common area), and not finding enough, sues each owner for the rest. Would my assets ...
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First criminal court trial with DNA evidence Idaho

I'm wondering what was the first Idaho criminal court trial that admitted DNA evidence and led to defendant's conviction? The only thing I found is the following but the defendant pleaded guilty in ...
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Is a new Idaho law purporting to ban interstate transport of minors for gender-affirming care constitutional?

Idaho's House of Representatives has just passed a bill criminalizing most forms of gender-affirming treatment for minors. Most audaciously to my eye, subsection (4) of the bill purports to ...
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Would a giant "F*** BIDEN" flag mounted on a truck be first amendment protected?

I recently saw one of those trucks with flags mounted on them. The usual kind: big truck, 4'x6' flags, usually supporting Don't Tread On Me, Donald Trump, MIA, etc. Or the actual American flag. They ...
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Can Idaho employers ask about dismissed criminal convictions?

In California, if a person is convicted of a crime, then later has the conviction dismissed under Penal Code section 1203.4, then Labor Code section 432.7 makes it illegal for employers to ask about ...
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Can a hit and run victim sue the car owner for not having insurance?

An adult driver hit-and-ran someone who found the car later at the driver's mom's house. Her son had been driving but she owned the car. She talked to the police and gave them the insurance card, ...
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How to get current insurance information from car owner of son's hit-and-run charges

A month ago I had a hit-and-run on my property and car, and a few hours later they were found at his mother's house. Car owned by mother, driver is her adult son. Mother finally gave investigating ...
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