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What legal penalties may Twitter face as a result of the Eli Lilly fake tweet?

Twitter recently made it possible to get a verification check added to an account by just paying 8 dollars, causing a rash of fake 'verified' accounts. One of these accounts was for Eli Lilly, a ...
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In which cases has a Wikipedia editor's identity been subpoenaed?

In any jurisdiction, I'm looking for names of cases for either or ideally both of the following: Where Wikipedia has been subpoenaed for information on an editor, complied with the subpoena, and ...
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Can an Australian bank legally issue bank accounts and Visa cards without obtaining proof of identity from the person requesting the account?

This is the first time I have posted to StackExchange so please excuse me if my question is out of scope, is in the wrong place or goes into too much back story. Any assistance would be greatly ...
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When does giving a false name online become illegal?

I asked this question about providing false information to a web site. The answer indicates that it is illegal to supply a false identification document even without an intent to commit a further ...
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Do I have to ID/KYC artists/suppliers if they've already been ID'd by the payment provider

I'm an Australian e-commerce store with international buyers, selling artworks by international artists. Question / TL;DR: If a vendor/supplier of an e-commerce store ID's themself to a payment ...
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Do You Have to Identify Yourself to Police if Suspected of Underage Drinking? [MA, U.S.]

I was doing some reading on the laws relating to this, and I can't seem to get a clear answer. According to this source
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What significance does a social security *card* have within the Privacy Act?

Within the Code of Federal Regulations, virtually all of the mentions of social security card seem to be in a context of laying down procedures for access requests under the Privacy Act. There are ...
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Is it legal to create an app that stores a user's ID cards (on-device only), do I need to comply with any laws?

I'm (individual, not business) planning on starting work on an iOS app that will launch on the App Store that allows users to store their ID information on their device - including a photo of their ...
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My mom was homeless for 20 years; now has no legal identity

This is a real-world scenario but based on the theoretical question posted here: What documents and testimony establish identity and what happens if they're lost? My mother has a real problem in ...
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