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If my license plates are thrown to the dumpster, do I need to report them as lost?

I lived in three provinces in Canada and kept the license plates that I had in all of them for personal collection purposes. Then I moved to France, leaving some of my things at a friend's (or so I ...
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Which state has jurisdiction in a case of online identity theft?

Facts directly pertinent to the question A supervisor takes the case over from subordinate 1 at the arbitrator to not be compelled to admit that it failed to carry out its statutory and contractual ...
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Is it illegal to possess a counterfeit national ID card without actually using it?

I just came across a lost counterfeit French national ID card on a bus with my name, photo and correct personal details. I am fairly sure about who created or ordered it (without my permission) My ...
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What are my rights when someone else uses a voucher issued to me?

I was issued a £360 voucher from Easyjet after my suitcases didn't arrive for four days after a flight I took. The voucher was sent to me via email in direct response to a protracted claim I had made. ...
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Is it illegal to act like someone else without claiming their identity?

Let's say Mallory puts on makeup to look like a celebrity, maybe even the president of a country, and goes around sounding and acting like that celebrity. He goes to events where only the celebrity ...
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Are these acts of impersonation without claim and sharing without proper validation on the internet illegal?

Let's say Mallory makes a video where he looks, sounds, and acts like someone (e.g. a celebrity, the president of the United States) using makeup and voice acting. In the video, he might be doing ...
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My mom was homeless for 20 years; now has no legal identity

This is a real-world scenario but based on the theoretical question posted here: What documents and testimony establish identity and what happens if they're lost? My mother has a real problem in ...
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Alternative to supplying extensive personal ID to have a fraudulently opened account closed

I recently received an email outlining an order for an Internet service to a US mainland address from a US-based service provider. The order included an account number, order number and a street ...
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Mortgage company sent full name, SSN, DOB, and address over email

Just as I said in the title. My mortgage company sent me a document I need to sign via unencrypted email and unfortunately it was pre-filled with my full name, SSN, DOB, and home address. I'm very ...
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What could I do to stop this scammer?

I saw on Craigslist a car that used to belong to me for sale with a lower mileage than it had when I sold it (by more than 200000 miles). I want to stop this person from causing any damage, but I ...
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Bank negligence, checkings account compromised by id thief and bank on purpose holds me responsible to further my debt with interest

I been a victim of id theft. On the same day that there were two fake checks deposited that were bounced, money was withdrawn physically within a branch of the bank, that day and another time four ...
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