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Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill

The UK government has drafted legislation to the effect that Rwanda is a safe country to which to deport illegal migrants, which may or may not be true in fact:
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Are there any countries that impose the death penalty for being in the country illegally?

I'm referring to simply being in the country without authorization, or having entered illegally; what is called in the US "undocumented", and which most countries treat with deportation. ...
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Do undocumented students lose their enrollment in universities if they are expelled?

In the US, undocumented students can apply to universities. If one such student is accepted and enrolled but later deported due to not being covered by DACA or other reasons, will their enrollment be ...
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In which European countries can an 18-year-old irregular migrant complete their final year of secondary school?

According to Page 2 of the the Platform for International Cooperation in Undocumented Immigrants document submitted to the UN and titled "Undocumented Children: Barriers to Accessing Social ...
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Can a person with pending asylum work for foreign (outside of US) company?

Person who is applying for an asylum is not able to work in the US without an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). That person can apply for EAD 150 days after applying for asylum, and it will be ...
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Can Texas jail illegal border crossers?

From recent news: Texas Begins Jailing Border Crossers on Trespassing Charges (5 NBC Dallas-Fort Worth) I was under the impression that immigration and border protection were the exclusive domain of ...
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Can illegal immigrants sue the U.S. government if they got injured while being detained?

Can illegal immigrants sue the U.S. government if they got injured while being detained? In my knowledge, legal immigrants can sue the U.S. government if they got injured while being detained, but I ...
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How can illegal immigrants safely, legally return to their home country?

If one over stays his visa, and wants to go back, how can it be done? {For example, from California to Israel} I heard rumors that if one "gets caught" they might be held in detention ...
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How can employer help employee get green card?

What are the minimum requirements that an employer can go through to help his employees get a green card? If no company is made yet, is it legal to make a new company, just for the sake of helping ...
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Does someone in the U.S. illegally have the same rights in court as a U.S. citizen?

So right now in my home state of Iowa, an undocumented immigrant is on trial for murder charges. Apparently he wasn't read his rights when he was being investigated. Whether that is true or not, does ...
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Is it illegal to enter illegally one's own country?

In Né quelque part (an obscure French movie), the main character, a French citizen, is entering France illegally (on a boat with illegal immigrants). I am under the impression that a citizen cannot ...
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My Girlfriend is Canadian and I'm American, we want marry, but she's not ready to live in th US [closed]

My girlfriend and I want to get married. She's Canadian but with the option of dual citizenship, she would live in Canada for a few more months until we have everything sorted in the United States, ...
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Remaining in the US Beyond I94 Date After Filing I-539

My mom and sister got to the US in October and they were scheduled to leave the US on April 2nd. Their I94s expire on April 16th. I filed for an I-539 on April 9th. We never saw the Coronavirus ...
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Does ICE have the legal authority to arrest illegal immigrants who came into hospitals due to COVID-19?

I am wondering if ICE has the legal authority to immediately arrest illegal immigrants after they have received medical care at U.S. hospitals for COVID-19. I am referring to people who voluntarily ...
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Bypass SSN Requirement for Independent Contractors

I work in a sales organization, knife selling, and we hire pretty much anyone who is interested. We got a guy walking through in a college, who was interested, but did not have a social security ...
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What would happen if an illegal immigrant's country of citizenship can't be established?

Imagine a person is detained for being an illegal immigrant in the US, fully admits it, and makes zero attempt to contest their deportation. However, this person refuses to state what country they're ...
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How can an illegal migrant legally exit a state?

What are the legal exit options for a person who enters a country illegally (by say crossing a land border) and wants to exit that country with a valid passport?
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Is this a case of improper entry into the US?

Occasionally there have been televised interviews with reporters and border property owners that have demonstrated the ease of 'stepping across the border' into Mexico and then stepping back into the ...
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