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Questions tagged [illinois]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Illinois.

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Are extended magazines legal in chicago/cook county for ccw holders?

There are some different laws surrounding Chicago and Cook County's handgun magazines. Here is Cook County's law regulating handguns Here is Chicago's law regulating handguns. Chicago: "High ...
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What Happens To Shared Land When An HOA Is Dissolved?

An HOA was formed in Illinois back in 2006 a big developer was going to build houses. They established some rules/covenants and established the property lot lines. It also established some small ...
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Does Rent Increases Have Any Impact On Requirement To Provide Notice To Vacate?

In the state of Illinois - I've signed a lease with a property management company. The lease says I need to give 60 days notice to vacate before the end of my lease. My lease was a 6 month lease and ...
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What would the Blues Brothers have been charged with?

In 1980 comedy film The Blues Brothers, brothers Jake and Elwood Blues commit a seemingly endless series of crimes over the course of about eleven in-story days. They: evade arrest for Elwood’s ...
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Village Sticker

Can a village issue a fine for not having a vehicle sticker without issuing a citation? The village clerk where I live issued a letter stating that if I do not pay for the over due sticker and the ...
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Registering for copyright under a pen name

I am working on registering my book for copyright but am trying to keep my legal name out of it. How does one file a copyright for a book and only register it under said pen name?
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How to determine HOA rights for roof replacement

I live in a collection of townhouses (about 100) with an HOA. Certain blocks of townhouses share a roof, but they are fee simple and homeowners are legally responsible for their roofs, although the ...
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Illinois Standard Marital Interrogatories

Illinois Supreme Court allows for up to 30 questions to be asked in Interrogatories. However it's not clear what constitutes a question. The Standard form appears to have 27 questions, but there ...
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Can school send advertising messages through emergency notification text/automated calls?

I have been receiving calls and texts from my school, using their "emergency" notification service, advertising school events recently. I provided my number to them in order to receive notifications ...
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Can expunged records be discussed by an employer during a reference check

I know that legally there is nothing wrong with disclosing all details of an expunged criminal record, and that employers are allowed to say anything that is true. However, are there any laws that ...
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How many children can sleep in a room of a given size in Illinois?

I'm going through a parenting plan modification. Currently my kid has overnights, and there are three kids (7, 11 and my son 4) sleeping in a 108 sq ft room with three beds... I do not think this is ...
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