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Related to goods brought in from a foreign nation.

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Can a country import from russia and export to other countries which are banned by russia?

Provided russia will ban import and export of products to and from specific countries can a country which is not banned by russia import from russia and export it to other countries? If not what about ...
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US/International law - Does Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. apply in case where US importer sells globally?

I bought book on Amazon. It is somewhat old statistics textbook and also "cheap" Indian edition with sign "unauthorized for circulation outside of India (and few other countries)". ...
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Did Sweden really make it illegal to sell imported Nintendo 64 games (and *only* those) in the later half of 1997?

I'm re-reading my old Super PLAY magazines from the 1990s. Since before the Nintendo 64 was released in Sweden/Europe, and after it had occurred, the magazines were full of ads selling imported USA ...
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Is the embargo against Cuba unconstitutional?

The Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that government restrictions on spending for political purposes are prohibited by the First Amendment. Would that make the economic embargo against ...
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What kind of permit is required to import preserved human skin into Canada?

Specifically prepuce. This has cultural significance to some.
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To whom do import laws apply?

Let's assume in Country A the import of certain digital goods is restricted as with the Wassenaar arrangement. A person hosts such software on his server and has an export license. Another person ...
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