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For questions about indemnity, the legal promise to absolve another party of liability for damages caused to the promissor by that party's actions.

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If you are a state employee, what responsibility does your employer have to provide legal council when you are acting on its behalf?

This question came up during public records training at a public organization in Washington state, but I am interested in the general case. That said, I've provided the specific hypothetical about ...
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Can / How would a lease (contract) require an injured visitor to hold the renter's insurance liable?

Assume Jane visits Bob (Renter). Mike is the Florida landlord. Jane slips and falls on the Mike's rental property, Can Mike's attorney construct lease so that Bob is required to have some sort of ...
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Can I be forced to indemnify a company for my own claims?

I see some really broad indemnification clauses in EULAs. Here's one from the Tower of Fantasy EULA: You agree to indemnify (in other words, compensate for all and any losses incurred), pay the ...
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Is Double Indemnity conduct which can be considered both civil and criminal?

In a basic introduction to law class (major is computer science, I'm in the UK and the focus of our course is England and Wales) we were told that conduct which can be considered as both civil and ...
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Inadequately supported chimney on neighboring property above our extension with no building regulations

I asked this question on Home Improvement Stack Exchange here, but they recommended I posted it here as it is technically a legal matter. I live in the United Kingdom. When we purchased our house ...
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I have settled the claim. To what extent can I recover the settlement costs based on an indemnity clause?

In Canada, to what extent can I recover the settlement costs from a third party, based on that third party's indemnity clause that indemnifies me. For instance, would a court say that I can settle but ...
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How dangerous is it for British lawyers to give advice on Law Stack Exchange?

How risky is it for people to self-identify as legal professionals and answer questions here? In Britain, precedent such as Chaudry v Prabhakar – 1989 can make British lawyers reticent to give ...
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If I'm making website for friend for free, should I have him sign something saying he will only provide me with material he owns to put on website?

I would like to help my friend build a website for free. The only concern is have is, if he provides me with copyrighted material that I add to the website, would I be liable? What kind of contract ...
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Are intellectual property indemnity clause, which requires the employee to indemnify the employer, enforceable?

Jurisdiction is England (UK), and it's a clause in an employment contract (permanent). The following question has been posted on reddit, and I happen to be on the same boat. I've been offered a ...
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Does an indemnification agreement saying it was not induced by improper conduct make sense?

I am a beneficiary of a family trust, being forced to sign an indemnification agreement, similar to the situation described in Why California codified "A trustee may not require a beneficiary to ...
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Meaning of "indemnify from property"

I understand the meaning of "indemnify from" when it is used with "loss" or "claim": if someone is indemnified from that, they are legally shielded from it and will not suffer. But "indemnify from ...
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How can I quickly make a tenant move out of a sold house?

Sold House in Germany in empty condition whitout tenants to a builder who wants to demolish and build a new house. Handover to new owner failed because one tenant still claims to live there. ...
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Are indemnity agreements common with family lawyers?

I asked a law firm to prepare a separation agreement for me. I already paid them about half of the costs. Now they insist that I'm entitled to much more than we agreed to with my ex-partner. I'm fine ...
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