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Why is theft triable either way?

Section 7 Theft Act 1968 defines theft as an offence: A person guilty of theft shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. However, it makes no ...
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is Trump writing to-do lists to assistants on classified cards legally classified as illegal disclosure/distribution/dissemination of classified info? has witness statements that claim that former President Trump was using the backside of briefing ...
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In a criminal RICO trial, on a particular count, what elements can be shared among the co-defendants?

The Georgia 2020 Election subversion case (a RICO of the Georgia State variety) is quite complex in that there are 19 defendants who are charged with one or more counts from the list of 41 distinct ...
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How many indictments before imprisonment? [closed]

Donald Trump, ex-president of U.S.A., has many indictments on him, but yet he is still roaming as a free citizen. Questions: How many indictments does it take for Donald Trump to be imprisoned? Can ...
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When did indictments stop saying people were "moved and seduced by the instigation of the Devil"?

Criminal indictments used to use much more detailed and flowery language than they do now. I was surprised to learn, while looking at some early U.S. documents, that they had retained a feature of ...
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Under what legislation has former U.S. President Trump been indicted for "conspiracy to defraud the US"?

It's reported by BBC News that Mr Trump is charged with four counts, including: conspiracy to defraud the US tampering with a witness conspiracy against the rights of citizens Focusing on the ...
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Unpacking "If they have a question for the lawyers, they've got to go outside and the grand jurors can ask questions." from former US Fed. prosecutor

I need help understanding in plain language the last few sentences of the following exchange between CNN's anchor Dana Bash and CNN's Chief Legal Analyst (and former federal prosecutor) Laura Coats in ...
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How (and how come) are US state/federal prosecutors allowed to seal indictments?

I have recently heard Tara Reade (who had accused US president Joseph Biden of sexual attack several decades ago) say, that there has been a sealed indictment against her, for the past 3 years (2020-...
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Why would Donald Trump be arrested?

The New York Times writes: Donald J. Trump is preparing to walk into a Manhattan courtroom as both a defendant and a candidate, making final plans for his arrest on Tuesday [...]. Why would he be ...
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Legal basis for arresting a person not actively committing a crime?

Originally the purpose of an arrest in English common law, meaning a deputy of the state seizing and holding a suspect against their will, was to apprehend the suspect to confirm their identity. In ...
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If the grand jury refuses to indict, can the prosecutor try again?

A prosecutor seeks an indictment for Charge X, but the grand jury returns a no-bill. Is the prosecutor free to seek another indictment on Charge X from the same grand jury, or from a different one? ...
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Indictment and prosecution in different U.S. districts

Can a person be prosecuted in any district other than the district in which the original indictment was filed? Does this require some sort of special procedure?
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2 answers

Indictment of a sitting vice-president

There's been a lot of discussion in the media lately about the question of whether a sitting president can be indicted. The Constitution says that in order to be vice-president one must have the same ...
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AG's and indictments

I'm curious, let's say that a prosecutor has taken a case before a grand jury. That grand jury has chosen to indict. Can the AG withdrawal those indictments? I've been trying to find out here, but I'...
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Potential indictment of Assange and jurisdiction

I was discussing this sealed indictment against Julian Assange with my wife and she was making the argument that this is not an attack against freedom of the press as granted by the Constitution. She ...
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20 votes
2 answers

What is the meaning of "Individual-1"?

During the Cohen trial last night, Trump was described as "Individual-1." Now I know they weren't trying to hide who this "Individual-1" was because they deliberately said that Individual-1 became ...
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No evidence is required for an indictment by a grand jury?

I just read the indictment of Christopher Collins, a congressman, for relaying insider information on a company with publicly traded stock, and for "lying" to a federal agent, ie for denying he ...
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