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Given the success of asbestos and tobacco lawsuits, would one against producers of leaded gasoline potentially succeed?

It is well known that lead and in particular tetraethyl lead (the antiknock compound added to gasoline) can profoundly affect the central nervous system -- indeed, if people are worried about water ...
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Liability with Stolen Property

A car is stolen and the thief injures himself, another, or property. Does liability extend to the owner? Does it matter if the owner had yet reported the car stolen? For the sake of this question let ...
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Fitness centre injury disclaimers and liabilities

Arnold opens a gym in London, and Bob in Birmingham. Arnold’s writes into its terms of use a disclaimer that any injury resulting from use of the facilities while wearing open toed shoes is the ...
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Is knowingly driving my car while people are on it to escape a dangerous situation valid self-defense?

Suppose I accidentally drove into an area where protests are heating up. As I get out of my car, mobs spiral out of control and start damaging public and private property. I sense immediate danger and ...
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Karen sues a workshop for damages as she was trespassing and disregarding mandatory safety gear. Does she have a case?

Let's paint the scene: We work in the back of a metalworking workshop in Austin Texas. Huge machines make lots of noise, at times there are steel panels on the floor with access holes to access the ...
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statute of limitations on injuries in the workplace in israel?

A year ago I got hit by a metal bar on my leg. I didn't tell anyone because I have a speech problem and heavy shyness. It hurt me the first day and later the doctor told me it was not broken and gave ...
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Colorado Injury Attorneys [closed]

Why we need to hire a personal injury attorneys to cover a personal injury losses? How they are beneficial to cover injury losses?
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Is there any legal action I can take after my company discouraged me from calling 911 after a workplace injury? [closed]

I fell at work causing me to have 6 compound femur fractures. I begged my boss to call 911 because my leg was broken . They laughed at me saying there's no way it was broken and that I was ...
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Liability if someone is hurt on my property

My neighbor sometimes mows a ditch on a far side of our property without asking. The ditch is steep and I'm concerned he may tip over the mower and get hurt. I have 2 questions: If this does happen, ...
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How can a company protect itself against a product possibly causing injury to the consumer?

Arduino (a company that sells educational electrical kits to kids) must have some protection against kids accidentally blowing up electrical circuits (and getting hurt or burned) when first learning ...
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Precedents for Attack on Lawyer in Court and Response from the Judge

I watched the classic Liar Liar Movie and also the breakdown by a youtuber Legal Eagle where he noted in the case where the lawyer injured himself to look wounded and get relief that the entire court ...
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Found a dead insect in a mushroom package

I found a dead insect at the bottom of a mushroom package I bought from local grocery store. I already consumed some of that mushroom and when I removed the remaining mushrooms to store in another ...
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Is hospital ER liable for an injury of a deranged untestrained patient?

A stroke patient who is clearly deranged due to the stroke arrives to ER. The patient is not listening to instructions and acts out. The patient is told to stay on the bed and not to get up and left ...
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Can I compel city authorities to disclose a fact in case of a lawsuit?

Here's the scenario. I was recently walking with my six-year-old on one of San Francisco's popular pedestrian streets. At some point, a teen-aged man rode by on a rented (or stolen) electric scooter ...
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Are there specific charges for personal injuries that were caused by deliberate public property damage?

I recently saw a video that shows several people destroying a statue in a public space. In the process of tearing it down, the bulk of the statue fell and struck a bystander in the head. It's clear ...
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How to claim procurement costs in Medicare case when no lawyer used in insurance settlement? [closed]

Mother-in-law was hit when crossing the street in crosswalk with 'walk' signal. Long story short, it was going to be somewhat straightforward to have the insurance pay out policy limit. So we (the ...
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How much easier is it to win "out of pocket" damages than "opportunity" damages in a tort case?

Plaintiff is an athlete that was drafted out of college (or even high school) by a major league ball team. He has just finished working his way through the "minors" and was promoted to the major ...
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Child legally required to be injured?

If you knew a child would be injured (not by a person or animal or medical treatment) if they did something and you insisted (without physical threats, just legal action against them if they did not ...
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Prevent lawsuit from slip on ice

I am a homeowner and water tends to pool on my sidewalk. In the winter months, I do the best I can to remove the ice, but there's so much of it that it's difficult to control. Am I liable if someone ...
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What plaintiff Pro -se can do if a Federal judge in civil personal injury case denied all her requests for subpoenas? [closed]

I am a Pro-Se Plaintiff in civil personal injury case against Walmart where I was badly injured. Since beginning of 2018 I am not able to receive subpoenas and Open Records from Atlanta Federal Court. ...
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Single or divorced, how long ago [closed]

Work related injury, their doctor wants to know if I am single or divorced, how long ago was I divorced, how many children, how old are they, every surgery of my life. I hurt my shoulder. Marital ...
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Employee fired for reporting a serious injury, but in a roundabout way - How difficult is it to prove the employer's motive?

As per my previous question How do Florida's labor laws protect employees injured when asked to do something unreasonable? A girl working in Florida insisted on filing an injury report after being ...
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How do Florida's labor laws protect employees injured when asked to do something unreasonable?

A girl that works for a major retail chain, is left unable to lift her arm above her head after being asked to lift a 180lb box. When trying to perform this task her shoulder "popped". She has ...
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Repeatability of class action cases

I suffered significant personal injury after taking the drug Seroquel for seven years. A class action lawsuit was settled against the drug maker, Astra Zeneca, in 2010. According to this article (...
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Can I claim compensation for loss of earnings due to work accident in Australia?

I was working in a hair salon in Australia and fell backwards. I tore my rotator cuff and have slipped disc. I had surgery on shoulder when got back to UK. Can I claim for loss of earnings, etc.?
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Can language in a settlement agreement have affect on taxes for a personal injury lawsuit?

I am located and suing in California. My lawyers filed a personal injury lawsuit/claim and sent a CCP 998, which the defendant accpected for judgment in my favor. The defense has sent over a ...
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Lost Income due to Work Injury

Assuming someone worked in the UK Oil and Gas industry on a platform on the UK continental shelf and were paid bonuses for work that they did offshore compared to onshore. Should this person sustain ...
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