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Do the accused enjoy the presumption of the least damaging intent?

(This question is inspired by current events, but I'm changing details to avoid the complications of reality!) In the midst of a reelection campaign, Senator Johnson shot his wife's poorly behaved ...
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Can I intend something, even-though I don't know it can occur?

I have asked a similar question here, but I'm not just interested in oblique intention, especially as that seems to be case when it is known to be virtually certain to occur (so that the answer is no)....
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How is Understanding the Founders True Intent Currently Being Ignored?

In law, words are the company they keep, or Noscitur a Sociis. When referring by context of law the word "inhabitant" can mean another individual, but not necessarily you. Example: The ...
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Conditional intent with reasonable belief that the condition cannot be met

D1 and D2 carry out a burglary (offence A). D1 acts as principal, entering the premises and stealing. D2 assists or encourages D1 by acting as a lookout. However, In the course of the burglary, D1 ...
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Are legislators ever asked to explain their intent in Supreme Court cases?

I recently started to listen to recordings of arguments before the Supreme Court. I am not a lawyer so I don't completely follow everything, but I noticed right away that a lot of arguments deal with ...
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What acts constitute crimes with respect to "criminal intent" upscaling of crimes?

Some acts are prohibited by law and punished one way if the person does the act, but if a certain intent is proven, the punishment can be increased. For example, arson may be one level of crime, but ...
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