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The ICJ settles disputes between states in accordance with international law and gives advisory opinions on international legal issues. The ICJ is the only international court that adjudicates general disputes between countries, with its rulings and opinions serving as primary sources of international law.

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Are countries in violation of the ICJ ruling by "squeezing... aid" to UNRWA?

According to this Channel 4 report on Youtube (starting at around 1:30), the former UNRWA spokesperson says: it's a violation of the ruling by the ICJ which says nobody should squeeze international ...
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Do judges have to correct factual errors in their opinions (ICJ)

Judge Barak claimed on page 4 of his opinion that 1200 civilians were killed during the 7th of October attacks, current figures show that 766 civilians were killed ,out of a total of around 1200. ...
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Do the ICC and ICJ (UN) have different definitions or different standards for burden of proof on Genocide?

There are two international, ICC: International Criminal Court ICJ (UN): International Court of Justice These two courts both claim global jurisdiction over charges of genocide. Regardless of one ...
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Does a decision by the International Court of Justice provide a legal basis for an armed intervention?

The Charter of the United Nations states in Article 49 Par 2: If any party to a case fails to perform the obligations incumbent upon it under a judgment rendered by the Court, the other party may ...
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What is the legal status of the accusations on Pakistan by Bangladesh?

Bangladesh and India routinely accuse Pakistan of committing a genocide of 3 million people in 1971. Bangladesh also demands an apology from Pakistan. The demand for an apology is only due when the ...
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Working for a company based in Paris remotely from Sri Lanka

I'm Sri Lankan, I live in Sri Lanka and I'm going to have a remote job in a Paris company(It'll end up my current job contract at next year July, which I bond to the Paris company by a Secondment ...
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When is a war not illegal?

In conjunction with the Russo-Ukranian War, many newspapers call the war an illegal war. I figured, any war would be illegal, since an attack on a sovereign nation seems to me the opposite of a legal ...
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Can Francois Hollande end up before The Hague for war crimes?

Investigative reporters in France uncovered a French-Egyptian collaboration where the Egyptian military in covert aircraft struck civilians (by all indications those seeking to file for asylum in the ...
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