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Can I set a fee for using my web site, and later collect it?

If I set terms of service for my web site, visitors to my web site agree to them when they use my web site (beyond, presumably, the usage technically required to obtain the text of the terms). It is ...
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Intentionally using old company address

My company moved to a new address. I notified all my clients. One client continues to pay invoices at the old address despite many many requests to update the address. It has been over 6 months now....
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Why do companies need to keep invoices for their business expenses as well as receipts?

I understand that when a limited company makes business expenses, it should keep track of invoices that their suppliers issue them, as well as receipts showing that the company has paid these invoices....
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What to do if I am personally invoiced for a business expense

I've formed a new limited company of which I am the director and sole shareholder. My understanding is that when I make business expenses, I should now ask the supplier to make out the invoice to the ...
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Is it legal for a law firm or some company to bill a client for a report on substantiated expenses if the client were to ask for that information?

Is it legal for a lawyer/law-firm/general company to invoice a client for substantiating expenses and providing receipts for previous work? Example, XYZ fee receipts to USPTO, WIPO,FedEX, paying ...
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Canadian (BC) invoicing regulation - can we attempt to collect interest after the overdue payment is made?

My business partner and I started a construction related business last year. We recently (August 2021) received payment for an invoice that was issued June of 2020. At that time we did not have any ...
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Is there any way for a customer to obtain a binding statement that their account with a UK business is paid off?

I have a young child in a nursery (kindergarten) in England which is run by a national childcare provider, and they are supposed to be taking monthly payments via Direct Debit. However, as far as I ...
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What are the regulations and laws regarding monthly invoices arriving late?

Cable company monthly invoice, and only cable company monthly invoice, is arriving within two days of due date. In general, are there any state laws or regulations requiring cable companies to send ...
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Canadian consumer law. Invoiced for a fee I didn't agree on

I signed a contract with lawyer. In this contract, some fees were specified to be paid at agreed conditions. Any other fees, beyond the scope of a contract, were to be negotiated and agreed on in a ...
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If a company never invoices me, am I obligated to do anything?

I hired a driving school to help me get my driver's license. My test was cancelled due to COVID and my last lesson was about a week before the test. The driving school and testing facility are two ...
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regarding form w-9;

Is it legal for a company to withhold payment for an invoice because they require an 'updated" W-9 each year even if info has not changed? They have a w-9 for the vendor. Its my understanding W-9's do ...
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Can my accountant bill me for previous work he agreed to perform for free?

Context I can provide more context to the story (question), but I also want to keep it short. I have been paying my accountant for helping with my corporate taxes for the last 4 years in Toronto. I ...
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Can an invoice factoring company operate abroad?

Premise: Invoice factoring is a transaction in which a factor (or factoring company) purchases invoices from a business. The transaction involved is literally purchasing receivables and, for ...
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What to do if seller sends more than ordered?

I recently ordered one volume of sheet music online from a boutique publisher in The Netherlands that only accepts orders via email (I'm located in Sweden). My email clearly stated a single product ...
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Handling a disputed invoice: verbal quotation

If a professional services firm gives a verbal quote (in line with market rates) but then bills for services that, by an order of magnitude, exceed the original quote (and market rates) – what ...
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Am I obligated to pursue an invoice?

I recently had a contractor do some work on my house. I was not happy with them at all: They started later than promised, finished later than promised, did not update me on progress, literally forgot ...
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