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Literary translation and copyright

A US friend would like to translate literary works published in Farsi. What should they do (if anything) to ensure this is legal assuming the works are not yet in the public domain? Or do the ...
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Can a company in Germany lets its employee to work some months from iran remotely? [closed]

As an Iranian,I am trying to get an stable, trustable job from Germany,and move there. but i want to work for some months remotely from iran. Due to some problems i cant completely leave home. I had a ...
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Can Iranians get a visa to work in the US?

I have seen this and this discussing similar topics, but my question is a little bit different: Can Iranians get a visa (probably H1B) to work in a company (e.g., Google or Amazon) in the US? I think ...
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Can a company in Germany hire a remote worker from Iran?

Can a company registered in Germany hire a remote worker based in Iran? What regulation act is applied in this case?
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Is an Iranian independent contractor working remotely for a Cypriotic company required to report income to Cyprus?

Is an Iranian citizen working remotely from Iran as an independent contractor for a Cypriotic company required to report income to Cyprus? Are the received compensations taxable in Cyprus?
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Do Iran or UK have laws regarding unauthorized negotiations with foreign powers?

Do Iran or United Kingdom have laws prohibiting their citizens to partake in diplomatic matters concerning the state? For example. Sweden has such a law in brottsbalken 19 kap 4§, translated as ...
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Can I hire a resident of Iran in USA to work remotely?

I have a start-up and I want to know if I can hire a ux designer from Iran in my company or not?
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Can a US company employ Iranian person outside US?

I have seen this link about Iranians working remotely for a US company. But it's (1) old and (2) about working remotely while living in Iran. I want to know that can I, as an Iranian, get employed in ...
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How often is lex talonis applied in Iran?

The Lex Talonis or law of retaliation is a term for retribution punishments that include mutilating the body, such as severing limbs, blinding eyes, etc. In Sharia, this is known as Qisas. It is upon ...
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