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Is X Legal? Questions that postulate a scenario or behavior, then ask if that scenario or behavior is legal. Please read Meta before asking a question of this form!

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Is lying on a survey illegal?

If a survey is being done, either for scientific purposes or to collect information inside a workplace, is it legal to lie in it? For example if the workplace wants to know how many employees have ...
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Can it be illegal to press f12 in a web browser?

There is a case in the news where a journalist identified a security issue in the web site of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that exposed 100,000 social security numbers....
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Can it be illegal to have/use a "wipe data" login on your device?

Suppose I have a computer and I set up two logins that are identical other than one sanitises my data SSD upon logging on. This would cause any information I have on said drive to be inaccessible to ...
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Can a writer write a novel about a fictional Dota player?

Can a writer/author write a novel about a fictional Dota (or any other video game) player, mentioning the game's name and possibly names of the fictional characters of the game? Would this be ...
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My ISP is injecting .swf into my webpage. How legal is this?

I recently saw a pop-up, on a http page. It was the advertisement of some offers provided by the ISP. Here is the code: <td> <object width="480" height="195" data="<url>/V3/...
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Is it illegal to ride a drunk horse?

Tedd owns a riding horse. One day, Tedd notices that his horse has somehow gotten itself drunk. Tedd has someplace where he needs to be, so he saddles up his drunken horse and rides to his ...
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Is there any way to legally sleep in your car while drunk?

As I understand it, if one is found inside one's car with the keys while drunk, even if asleep, one is as guilty of drunk driving as if one was actually driving. If one finds oneself over the limit, ...
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Is it a crime to "steal" your own money from a bank?

It is in the news that it has become a thing to stage a bank "robbery" to get access to ones own money in Lebanon. While these have involved things that are undoubtedly crimes (such as ...
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Is it illegal to kill honeybees in Oregon or in the USA?

Recently had an issue with a honeybee hive and a beekeeper said to me "It's illegal to kill honeybees". Not completely believing this at face value, I did a little digging. My research seems to show ...
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Is it legal to own a photo of someone and spread it around without their permission?

Backstory: My friends has a picture of me, which I asked him to delete and not show to people multiple times, but he keeps it and shows it to people no matter how many times I ask him not to. Is it ...
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Can you legally have an (unloaded) black powder revolver in your carry-on luggage?

Part I of "Annoying the TSA" For good reason, U.S. law forbids people from carrying firearms on planes. However, last I checked, black powder "antique weapons" (such as cap-and-...
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On the legality of arming yachts and other recreational craft at sea

Is it legal or applicable to arm yachts or other recreational vessels for defense against piracy, thieves, terrorism, etc?
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Is it legal to live in the woods in the USA?

Can one chop down trees, build a cabin, and just park there? The question is about living on land that is not owned by a private individual in the USA, and is not designated as a state park or ...
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In the USA, is it legal for parents to take children to strip clubs?

I understand there are often different laws in different states, if this is the case with this question I would appreciate answers mentioning what differences are there between states.
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Can someone deny cash as the payment method?

There are a few restaurants in my area where cash payments are not accepted. They only accept electronic payments such as credit cards, local debit cards, etc. Is this legal? On most currencies, it is ...
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Using insider trading knowledge to trade on a competitor

In Australia, there are two major grocery companies, Woolworths and Coles. Now suppose I work for Woolworths and I become aware of a technological breakthrough that will dramatically increase the ...
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Is it legal to pretend to be drunk?

There is a famous joke that goes like this: There is a huge crowd drinking in a pub in the outskirts of a small town. A police car waits in hiding nearby, to catch anyone who tries to drive away ...
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Is consent required for paying, corporate subscribers of a B2B website?

I was intrigued by this question: Why is the Google Analytics cookie defined as "strictly necessary" and saved without consent?, and how GDPR/E-Privacy applies to paying, corporate ...
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Legal Considerations When Self-Publishing a Book

According to, 300 million self-published books are sold each year. I am thinking about, in the future, uploading (i.e., self-publishing) ...
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The university issued a pay check less than its offer letter. What is one to do?

Suppose that an international grad student at one of the University of California campuses got an offer letter: Congratulations! On behalf of the Committee on Admissions and Awards and the Graduate ...
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Watching bootleg DVDs [duplicate]

Say that, for my upcoming birthday, someone gifts me a copy of the hit film Shrek 2 on DVD. Say that, instead of being professionally pressed and shrink-wrapped, my new copy of Shrek 2 is a shiny DVD+...
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Is it legal to put a traffic cone on the side of the road to protect property?

Does the law in England allow a traffic cone to be placed on the road next to property to help warn drivers and to protect the property?
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How can a community based not-for-profit be sued?

This question Is normally illegal kink legal inspired me to ask this. The Metro Vancouver Kink Society is getting sued. In a short summary of events, one member of MVKS was accused of acting ...
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Do I need permission from the media company if I want to write a news article from the same topic, using the original article as the only source?

Suppose I want to write an article from a topic and there is an article that I want to use as the only source (I know that's not ideal, but this is just a hypothetical situation). The facts would 100% ...
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Any obligation to disclose one's name and address to private parties for service of civil claims after a street altercation?

Suppose A is walking down the street and B punches A in the nose, thus committing assault. Legally, A is entitled to claim civil damages against B, and can practically do so if they know A's name and ...
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Legality of 3rd parties requiring ID, indavidual providing false ID

There is talk of the UK state requiring users to upload government-issued ID such as a passport to create or update an account on social media or pornographic web sites. This is not a particularly ...
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