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The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is the United States regulation that controls the manufacture, sale, and distribution of defense and space-related articles and services.

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US Deemed export and dual citizens

Today I was doing my mandatory EAR/ITAR online training (fun stuff!), and one thing struck me about the concept of deemed exports. With it, the training course mentioned that it can be a deemed ...
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Open source rocket development

Is it possible to collaborate openly (publicly) world-wide with others to develop a suborbital/orbital capable rocket/launcher and to publish the resulting know-how (both software and hardware)? There ...
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Can non-US citizens outside the US commit information sharing crimes under ITAR?

Wikipedia states of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations): US persons (including organizations; see legal personality) can face heavy fines if they have, without authorization or the use ...
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What exactly makes encryption a weapon?

As a followup from Is the right to keep and bear crypto protected by the Second Amendment?, for export control purposes, United States has been classifying crypto as munition. In the old days, maybe ...
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