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Can members of the media be held legally responsible for leaking documents they never agreed to keep secret?

Larry the Leaker is high up in the US government, and has access to highly classified information/documents. He goes to John the Journalist, and tells him to publish all of it. Obviously, Larry has ...
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Is it legal to paraphrase a paid Wall Street Journal article in its entirety and publish the paraphrased article for free? [duplicate]

I know that in many countries republishing any web article from another website without consent is considered a form of plagery and copyright enfringement and is therefore illegal. But I am looking to ...
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Can a customer of a business make a recording of an employee on the business’s privately premises?

Suppose a customer enters a store. The business, through an employee, treats the customer unlawfully. Perhaps this is by verbally or physically abusing them, discriminating against them, or denying ...
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Are there rules about "off the record" in journalism?

In journalism, interviewing someone "off the record" means that the reporter cannot print quotes, even without giving the name of the source. Are there laws or rules enforcing this? Or is it ...
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Does parliamentary privilege have unintended consequences for journalism?

If statements made under parliamentary privilege seem to constitute evidence of impropriety, can journalists report on this without risking defamation penalties? Hypothetically, if a politician "...
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Can editorial bias be considered medical advice?

In an issue where the scientific community is far from united, could an editorial bias in the media (stories and ads run vs censored or ignored) be considered medical advice and practicing medicine ...
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Is publication of classified information enough for a journalist to be compelled to reveal sources?

Based on my research so far, the United States has a rather interesting relationship with the press. Reporter's privilege is well-established in the case law, and every state except Wyoming has shield ...
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Is it illegal in the United States for a journalist to take photographs of a letter of correspondence with a foreign official?

This was inspired by this question asked on Politics.SE here: and the linked incident: https://www....
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Legal precedent/history for the supposed charges against Julian Assange

It has been reported in the media (e.g. RT, BBC) that the US has requested the extradition of Julian Assange from the UK to stand trial for the charge of conspiracy to intrude into a computer system (...
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Daily Caller, Bob Menendez-possible prosecution of online news provider?

Hypothetically, suppose it were possible to prove that the Daily Caller paid women in the Dominican Republic to make up stories about Senator Menendez patronizing underage prostitutes. Could the Daily ...
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Are there any US laws protecting journalistic sources?

I saw the President explicitly tell a newspaper that it should reveal its sources: But for the sake of our national security, the New York Times should publish his name at once. I think their ...
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Can a journalist publish emails sent to him/her by a diplomat at a foreign country's embassy, obtained while undercover, without infringing copyright?

Let's say the emails contain no personal or secret information, but merely state the diplomat's interpretation of his/her country's position on an issue.
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Is it ethical or legal for journalist to request info from school district staff against their own rules?

This below screenshot is from the top of my latest article. There is a crisis at a New Jersey school and staff members have pictures that definitively prove wrongdoing. Many are afraid to come forward ...
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Is a journalist who uses sex to get information considered a prostitute?

Let's say a female investigative journalist is looking into a story where the actors involved clearly know things she doesn't, but much to her frustration, they simple wont talk. Most of them are men,...
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DMCA and First Amendment: When can a commentator be compelled to reveal their method of content acquisition?

Scope This topic is cousin to the latitude afforded journalists to protect their sources. However, this question primarily pertains to enforcement of the DMCA. Definitions “User”: the entity that ...
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How could the NYT obtain emails?

Considered posting on skeptics or politics, so please let me know if this should be moved. Donald Trump Jr. recently posted the email exchange between him and Rob Goldstone to his twitter feed. ...
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Is it legal to publish an edited version of an article without a disclaimer?

Say I were to write an opinionated letter to the editor. Then, the newspaper edited my article for content (deleted something they didn't like, changed wording, or otherwise changed the meaning of my ...
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Copyright, fair use, and "news" sites copying articles from each other

This question is about English-language "news" sites (i.e. sites that have articles about something new that has happened in e.g. science, technology, or some other area of interest) which I am ...
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When is it OK for law enforcement/intelligence-gathering agents to go undercover as journalists?

Previously, I had thought there might have been prohibitions against spies and law enforcement officers from going undercover as journalists, e.g. because this puts real journalists in greater danger ...
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