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Law that prevents a defendant, under prescribed conditions, from being found guilty or liable of otherwise criminal or tortious actions.

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Is it legal to hack a hacker back (in the US)?

I was wondering if it's legal to do what most people call a "hack back." Suppose someone tricked you into downloading software onto your computer that was designed to steal your data, but it ...
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Are you allowed to disregard the spirit in which laws are written as long as you keep to the letter of the law?

Jeremy Clarkson a renowned UK motor enthusiast once mentioned that he had to credit Mercedes-Benz for when they created the first of there hybrid supercars they created a car that could both do 200mph ...
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How can a person sue oneself?

Either in USA California or in India (choose whichever you like) can a person sue oneself back for damages? Has anyone ever defamed themselves and then sued themselves for defamation?