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Why is breach of code of conduct applicable for a morally and legally different culture?

Let's say there is a guy named Samuel, who is 20 years old from Germany sexting with a girl named Mary, who is 16 years old and also from Germany. Sexting was mutually agreed upon. Samuel sends her a ...
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What rights do minors have in Indiana

I am 20 years old and my younger brother, still a minor at 16, is battling with our parents over them seizing his property without any real cause, and refusing to return any of it, clearly outlining ...
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Is it possible for someone with juvenile felony charge (not conviction) to join the military?

If someone were charged with a felony in the US (e.g. sexual assault, harassment, or murder) as a juvenile, but they're not convicted (their case or the charges were dropped), can they join the ...
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Is making a public comment about a girl's breasts illegal?

From a Washington Post's article about Columbine HS: A similar event happened at a Columbine wrestling match at Arvada High School. Pyne, "in front of everyone," said Harwick, broadcast to all ...
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Can a juvenile be charged with theft by receiving if the property wasn't stolen?

A young adult entered a home where he used to rent a room in order to retrieve a piece of workout equipment. The home owner would not let him have the equipment until he paid past rent money so he ...
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Is it a felony for a teen to design a knife and put into production?

So just curious that is it legal for the following situation. So a teen design a new knife opening mechanism and hand it to an adult who's running a factory. The adult thinks it's interesting so he ...
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