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Are underage people allowed to defend themselves in court?

Bob is underage, yet commits a severe criminal act that's worthy of going to trial. Normally, one is allowed to represent themselves in court, however ill-advised that may be. But is Bob, underage as ...
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What is the relevant age for a crime? When it is committed, when one is charged of it, or when one is sentenced for it?

Bob committed a crime when he was young. After successfully getting away, many years later, it comes out (with good evidence) that he committed the crime, and so he is charged for it. Lastly, after ...
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If one was groomed as a child, can they be found innocent as an adult?

Dave the Dad is the father of Bob the boy. Dave groomed Bob to murder minorities from a young age. If Bob went on to murder some minority at age 12, Bob wouldn't just be given consequences like some ...
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Can a six year old be charged?

CONTEXT: Assume that the six year old does not understand the concepts of life / death / murder / assault. Can the ...
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Can the police arrest and detain a person (specifically a minor) without telling them the charge?

I am in a class in which I was assigned a "Case" to study. These were fake, and I was asked to point out who was guilty or at fault and for which charge. I asked the teacher: Is it legal to ...
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What is the purpose of not having jury trials for juveniles?

In the US, there is no right to trial by jury in juvenile court. I don't remember the SCOTUS case where that was decided, but IIRC the basis of the decision was that violations committed by juveniles ...
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Why is breach of code of conduct applicable for a morally and legally different culture?

Let's say there is a guy named Samuel, who is 20 years old from Germany sexting with a girl named Mary, who is 16 years old and also from Germany. Sexting was mutually agreed upon. Samuel sends her a ...
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What rights do minors have in Indiana

I am 20 years old and my younger brother, still a minor at 16, is battling with our parents over them seizing his property without any real cause, and refusing to return any of it, clearly outlining ...
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Is it possible for someone with juvenile felony charge (not conviction) to join the military?

If someone were charged with a felony in the US (e.g. sexual assault, harassment, or murder) as a juvenile, but they're not convicted (their case or the charges were dropped), can they join the ...
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Is making a public comment about a girl's breasts illegal?

From a Washington Post's article about Columbine HS: A similar event happened at a Columbine wrestling match at Arvada High School. Pyne, "in front of everyone," said Harwick, broadcast to all ...
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Can a juvenile be charged with theft by receiving if the property wasn't stolen?

A young adult entered a home where he used to rent a room in order to retrieve a piece of workout equipment. The home owner would not let him have the equipment until he paid past rent money so he ...
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Is it a felony for a teen to design a knife and put into production?

So just curious that is it legal for the following situation. So a teen design a new knife opening mechanism and hand it to an adult who's running a factory. The adult thinks it's interesting so he ...