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Can a corporation refuse to know things its agents know?

I called in to tell a company something. The people I could reach on the phone are definitely agents of the company, and they definitely got my message. But they told me that they couldn't internally ...
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What's stopping someone from saying "I don't remember"?

There are (at least) two problems possibly stemming from a person testifying in court: If they tell the truth, the testimony may have negative consequences they potentially don't like (which is the ...
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What would happen if you entered a building and didn’t leave because you didn’t think the person there was the owner?

Imagine you come across a building in a public place with some signs on it and an unlocked door. The signs make it seem like a shop or activity center rather than saying anything like “Keep Out”. You ...
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Can "agreeing not to know anything" be enough to constitute "knowledge" of a waiver?

For example, if I waive my rights to know what you'll be doing with my internet search history, is that a knowing and intelligent waiver?
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