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What is the correct ingredient labeling order for cosmetics to comply with the FDA?

On 21 CFR 701.3, FDA Summary of Cosmetics Labeling Requirements, Declaration of Ingredients, it states that "ingredients must be declared in descending order of predominance." What is the ...
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Is it legal to sell Christmas themed products that taste of liqueur but have no clear/apparent indication of any alcoholic contents on the label?

Waitrose and partners sell in their CHRISTMAS series of products an EXTRA THICK VANILLA CREAM which is described at the top of the back label as a “Sweetened blend of pasteurised extra thick double ...
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Is it legal to sell foreign packaged food products without any English on the label?

A shop in London sells egg custard pudding mix that appears to be labelled exclusively in Turkish. Is this legal?
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Is it legal to sell packaged food products with only American style nutrition facts on the label?

Abdul’s food and wine in London sells boxes of Mike and Ikes that are clearly packaged for sale in the USA. Sometimes such foreign packaged food products are sold in England with product information ...
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What legislation governs the use of the word “flavouring(s)” on ingredient lists?

It’sa fairly vague word. In the U.S. I understand that there is a distinction made between artificial flavour(ing)s and natural flavour(ing)s. In the U.K. there seems to be something that is just ...
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What law that took effect in roughly the last year changed nutritional information requirements for restaurants and cafes?

Apparently some new law requires more detailed calorific information for prepared food items. Is the same law also responsible for introducing further protections from contamination of allergens?
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