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Questions tagged [labor-law]

For questions about groups in the workforce. Consider [employment] for questions concerning individuals in the workplace.

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Indepdendent/Contractor vs Regular Employee

I was about to ask another question but think I should start at the basics. What exactly does it mean to be working as a contractor? Many jobs require you to sign some contract (e.g. non disclosure ...
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Independent contractor, feeling like an employee - Will California's AB5 change my classification?

I have been an independent contractor in California for a number of years with a business. Some of my tasks include graphic design, ad creation and management, search engine optimization, product ...
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Can an employer force all employees to open bank accounts in the employees' names?

[asking regarding federal law in the U.S.A. only] Recently I have noticed low wage employers such as fast food and retail requiring employees to open a bank account through the employer. Such ...
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What would go into proving you are an employee and not a contractor?

To my understanding, in Canada, an employee is given more protection and entitlements under the law, than a contractor. What would go into proving one is an employee and not a contractor? Would this ...
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What power does an employer have over gratuities/tips?

First, what is the difference between tips and a gift? Can an employer legally order employees not to accept either? Can an employer order an employee to share it? For example in restaurants many have ...
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Is it legal for a company to enter an agreement not to hire employees from another company?

Is it legal for ACME Corp to enter a reciprocal agreement with another company to not hire from their workforce. This seems like it may have ramifications for price fixing the labor market.
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Is it illegal for a store employee to do this with payment?

In a retail store the official policy is that cash is not accepted and payment must be made through payment card (e.g. credit card). Some employees started telling the customers who want to pay in ...
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How many felonies does Santa Claus commit?

According to legend, Santa Claus engages in certain behavior every Christmas eve. How many felonies does he commit? He sees you when you're sleeping ... Peeping Tom He knows when you're awake ... ...
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Mandatory participation in workplace holiday potluck

NOTE - this is strictly hypothetical and I am not asking for legal advice. In the case that I ever do need real legal advice I'll find a real lawyer and pay them for it. Suppose my employer decides ...
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Ontario Labour laws pertaining to late breaks

Ontario Labour laws state: An employee must not work for more than five hours in a row without getting a 30-minute eating period (meal break) free from work. However, if the employer and employee ...
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How do Florida's labor laws protect employees injured when asked to do something unreasonable?

A girl that works for a major retail chain, is left unable to lift her arm above her head after being asked to lift a 180lb box. When trying to perform this task her shoulder "popped". She has ...
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Must employer do something about aggressive customers?

I work in a liquor store where often times I am the only employee. Today a customer acted aggressively and said he wanted me to come outside with him (presumably to fight). He was also swearing at me. ...
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What is the minimum time an employer must give before cancelling work?

I do sporadic work for a company. I had a shift scheduled for over a month. I messaged my manager the day before asking if there's anything else I needed to know. She told me the shift was cancelled. ...
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Terminating an independent contractor

If an independent contractor works for a company who assigns him shifts, can the company cancel the assigned shifts without warning or reason and effectively terminate the relationship? Assume there ...
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Can an employer charge employee/contractor a processing fee for payment?

I had worked for a company (whether as an employee or contractor is disputed). They would e-transfer me payments and take a small amount off to cover the cost of e-transfer. I told them I never agreed ...
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Can a confidentiality agreement require you to not say who your client was?

Does the following Confidentiality Agreement mean the Consultant cannot say who the Client who he was doing the work for was? For example if Bob was hired by Staffing Agency to work at McDonald's, ...
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Union fees were deducted but was never told there was a union

I ask this question just out of curiosity. Please advise if it's a better fit for workplace or some other site. I was hired to work at a store. I quit after having worked 2 hours. Part of the reason I ...
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