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What is it called when you are forced to breach a contract?

I am a union construction worker. Under my agreement with the union, I agree to be sent where the union sees fit, and not quit. (I'm an apprentice.) Having recently completed a job, the contractor ...
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Which law regulates child labor for a teen that has dual citizenship?

A teen with dual citizenship (Taiwan and U.S.) is seeking to work during his summer vacation. He's 14 right now (8th grade), which allows him to work by U.S. FLSA, but he is prohibited to work by ...
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Can I be penalized for overtime?

I work from home for a call center at a massive company in California. Being in the call center environment every second is logged on our phone system. We don’t have much down time aside from the 9 ...
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In Germany, is it allowed for an employer to ask an employee to quit his job and threaten to find a critical error to end the contract immediately?

My employer threatened me verbally, saying that he/she will search and find a critical error, in order to end my employment contract immediately, if I don't end the employment relationship from my ...
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1 answer

Can company require me to pay back IT certification exam fees if I leave the company?

I have been working for an IT company for close to three years. Their headquarters is in Virginia but I work in West Virginia. When I accepted the position, three years ago, there were no ...
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3 answers

Can your previous employer force you to help them with something?

I got an aggressive call from my former manager, and he wants me to tell them how to fix something. The problem is that I don't remember and I no longer work for them, so can he sue me for not helping ...
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What state labor laws apply when you're working remotely from a different state?

What state labor laws apply when you're working remotely from a different state? Let's say my company office's and team are located in California while I am working in the state of Texas. What labor ...
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1 answer

Are employers required to pay for your vacation days you haven't taken in the U.S.?

Are employers required to pay for your vacation days you haven't taken in the U.S.? I was told I can't get money from the vacations I haven't taken at the end of the year and only 5 days can be ...
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2 answers

Protection in international law against employment termination following mass political strike?

The "High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel" has called for a general strike today, a call which has been heeded widely - but almost entirely by Palestinian Israelis, and even ...
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1 answer

Employer is paying me hourly, but not paying me overtime

Can an employee be Exempt and hourly? Currently I work for a private company in Houston, TX as an Director of Nursing - Case Manager, I get paid hourly, but don't get paid overtime. Can anyone please ...
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1 answer

Why does a mandatory lunch break not count as "waiting time?"

Spurred by this question and my own experience. A previous employer of mine required non-exempt workers (like me) to take a 30 minute unpaid lunch break each day. Because the office location wasn't ...
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Croatian labour and contract law

Two parts: Is it legal under Croatian labour law to make an employee pay a fee for quitting their job? If it can be shown that an unlawful clause has been included in a labour contract with malice (...
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1 answer

Can an employee take an employer to court over false promises and breach of contract?

What if something like this happened: An employer IN WRITING stated that an employee would begin receiving compensation on my start date. That did not happen. Time after time, the employer would ...