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UK Leasehold property - Lease has two different dates 5 years apart (one 5 years before house was built!), which applies for ground rent review?

Six years ago in 2013 I purchased a leasehold property from Taylor Wimpey. The lease says that the ground rent is £125 and increases with the Retail Price Index every 10 years. It's only been six ...
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Can I sublease my apartment without my co-tenants approval in Indiana

I’m currently studying at Purdue University in Indiana and I want to sublease my apartment for the summer. One of my co-tenants who is also on the lease is not agreeing to sign the sublease form. But ...
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Trade Fixtures: Is this paragraph of my lease agreement forfeiting to my landlord everything I screw to the walls?

I read up on trade fixtures. They are an exception to fixtures, and generally remain the property of the lessee despite being attached to the building. It looks like this rental agreement is trying to ...
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Does forfeiture for service charge arrears result in total loss of leasehold price?

Alice purchased a leasehold of 100 years for £100 million, yet it requires her to pay £5000pa in service charges. After 5 years Alice starts to fall behind on her service charges and eventually ...
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What happens if lease is signed but landlord doesnt want me, do I still have to pay the realtor fee?

I live in Dumont, NJ. I'm about to sign a lease with a landlord and I also have Section 8. I haven't moved in yet; To finalize the rent payment to the landlord, there must be a HAP contract signed by ...
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My apartment complex's hot tub has been broken for multiple months now. I wouldn't have lived here if not for the hot tub

Over the summer (about 4-5 months ago), the hot tub in my apartment complex broke. I contacted the complex owners, and they said it would take a couple of weeks to fix. I've contacted them multiple ...
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UK cladding remediation

In the old format of the Leaseholder certificate, Does landlord not being responsible for the defect, having net worth of >2MN, yet the maximum liability for relevant historical safety defects for ...
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Roommate/co-tenant said she would renew but lied after I sign lease - invalid lease?

So, my roommates and I planned to sign a lease renewal as co-tenants in NYC. While some of the roommates already signed it, the others changed their mind last minute. This unfortunately means the ...
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Is a landlord required to give 24 hours notice of entry again if they previously did so but cancelled?

Our landlord has typically been good about emailing us at least a day in advance as they've been showing our leased house almost 3 times a week for the past month. However, they recently sent an email ...
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Roommate agreements

I am renting a 3-bedroom townhouse with 2 other people. Before we renewed the lease, I told them that my fiancé would be moving to this country and would need to move in. I agreed then to pay a ...
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What is the legal definition of "surrender" when it comes to leases in the US?

My lease says "DEPOSIT RETURN, SURRENDER, AND ABANDONMENT OR JUDICIAL EVICTION. We'll mail you your security deposit refund (less lawful deductions) and an itemized accounting of any deductions no ...
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What is the mathematical formula to determine this lease rent re-negotiation?

The total annual rental for each such period for said land shall be equal to the prevailing rate of interest then charged by responsible lending institutions in the community for private loans on the ...
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