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Jurisdiction of Lebanon

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Is it a crime to "steal" your own money from a bank?

It is in the news that it has become a thing to stage a bank "robbery" to get access to ones own money in Lebanon. While these have involved things that are undoubtedly crimes (such as ...
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Is imposing taxes on WhatsApp use legal or not?

I hope this is the right SE site to ask this question. Recently, in Lebanon, the government decided to impose a daily tax on the first call made using WhatsApp call feature, equal to 0.2$. Now ...
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Does Hezbollah break Lebanese law by attacking Israel?

Since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, Hezbollah has launched 670 attacks on Israel in support of Hamas. This violates the UNSC decision 1701, which calls for a full cessation of hostilities ...
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Would a dual French-Lebanon citizen be expelled from Lebanon if they had entered Lebanon illegally?

I read on He had two French passports, a privilege granted to citizens with particularly ...
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