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Do other countries have systems like “legal aid”?

In particular I’m quite interested in whether it is something that was at one state mandated to exist in some form by the EU, akin to the Gdpr. In any case, is it common and comparable throughout much ...
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Is legal aid for criminal defence usually means tested?

Allison was charged with a crime, and would like to fund her defence through legal aid. What would make her eligible?
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What provisions entitle a defendant in a possession claim to receive on-the-day representation/advice from a duty scheme?

Usually when facing a possession claim against oneself one is given access to a duty scheme advisor/representative. Suppose on one day there is no such representative present. Is a defendant who would ...
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Does the legal aid agency get compensated for legally aided cases that are successful?

Suppose that A, represented by a legally aided lawyer, sues B, and their claim fails. Then B may be able to claim costs against A, and if they are awarded, then legal aid will cover the costs order. ...
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Does legal aid eligibility go by assets or net worth?

Does eligibility for legal aid get determined by a financial threshold (seemingly £8000) for total positive assets, or net worth as in assets less liabilities/debts?
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