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For all questions about the style and practice of legal citations, whether it be to cases, legislative material, or any other source in the context of legal writing.

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Why do court opinions list multiple layers of citations?

It is common in for courts to cite case law. But why do they cite or note what their citations cite? Here's an example I just came across: National Business Services, Inc. v. Wright, 2 F. Supp. 2d ...
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How to decode a citation to a case reporter

Citations to cases are often in the form Style of cause (year, if not reflected in the citation), [citation]. The [citation] element generally will include an abbreviated form of the reporter (e.g., S....
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What does the citation YEAR Misc NN mean?

The case Bower v Brewdog bears at the top of its bailii page a citation, [2019] EW Misc. 16 (CC), which I would like to break down to. understand. I assume that CC is an abbreviation for County Court (...
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Is the Supreme Court's in-house citation style manual publicly available?

SCOTUS uses a distinct in-house citation style which, although it has a lot in common with the Bluebook, is not the same (differing in key places) and is as far as I know unique. Is the citation style ...
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How is “R v. Smith” pronounced?

Is it “Are and smith”? “Rex/Regina and smith”? “The king/queen and smith”? What is the typical convention?
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