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For all questions about the style and practice of legal citations, whether it be to cases, legislative material, or any other source in the context of legal writing.

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Why do United States Reports take so long to be published?

As an English-trained lawyer, I am used to seeing a decision of the UK Supreme Court (or formerly, the House of Lords) published within roughly a year in Appeal Cases (AC) (and sooner in the Weekly ...
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Bluebook citation to Virgina Statute

The staute that I am citing: What I think the citation is: Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-30 (2021). However, I am unsure about what the year would be and if there is a supplemental or even what is the ...
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Source for California citations in the form "vc" or "cvc" rather than the Veh. Code form

I have seen many citations of California codes that say things like 'VC § 1234', 'CVC § 1234', "vc sec. 1234", "cvc section 1234" etc, when referring to the Vehicle Code. I've also seen the same style ...
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To what extent has the legality of property taxes been tested in American courts?

In the United States, many State governments tax land property owners based on the value of the property. These taxes are assessed every year and must be paid or the state will seize your property and ...
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Correct Bluebook Citation for unpublished U.S. Supreme Court denial of writ of certiorari

I am trying to determine the correct Bluebook citation (footnote - law review article) for a recent U.S. Supreme Court denial of certiorari in which Justice Sotomayor wrote a 'Statement' and Justice ...
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What California appellate court case is this call-privacy case?

I am looking for a case where a California appellate court made a factual analysis if the state's confidential communications statutes, Pen. Code § 632, et seq., was applicable where the call was too ...
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How are first tier tribunal case reference numbers formulated?

Here is an example of a first tier tribunal case reference number: BIR/00CN/LVE/2012/0001. The case being Scriven & ors v Calthorpe Estates & ors. In the reference, the first section appears ...
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Searching New York civil litigation case law

Are civil cases litigated in the state of New York between private businesses back in the 1980s accessible to the general public somewhere somehow, either free or behind a paywall? Say I know that a ...
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Have there ever been any cases where someone sued their government for not delivering their passport in a reasonable amount of time?

I am wondering if there have been any cases in Canada that were heard before a court or tribunal, or even if there was any informal dispute that was discussed in any media. Surely many people in the ...
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