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For questiones about a legal doctrine or concept, such as prior restraint, or hearsay, or clean hands

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What exactly is the DoJ doctrine on legal cases involving election candidates in close proximity to elections?

According to a Dutch article from Flemish public broadcasting ( Trump's attorneys are likely to ...
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Is the term "evil" defined in law?

An infamous clause found occasionally in software licenses is: The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil. This clause has been discussed in many places, including Software Engineering Stack ...
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How many times has the Major Questions doctrine been invoked by higher US Courts?

In West Virginia v. EPA the court invokes the "major questions doctrine," as part of it's justification for blocking what would otherwise have been landmark climate policy. This article ...
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What would be required to overturn the Grainger test?

It seems to me the Grainger test seriously risks politicising the judiciary, leaving them to decide, quite undemocratically, in fact, on behalf of the populous what types of beliefs are or aren't ...
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