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To what extent can a spouse assist in a legal case?

My spouse has been named in a statement of offence by a municipal court. If found guilty, the charge would result in a fine that would ultimately affect us both. I was, in fact, witness to the event (...
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Do lawyers have to prove their claim that they represent an entity?

I got a threatening letter from lawyer Y the other day. They claim they are representing company X. Since I wasn't sure, I wrote back, asking for documentation of their retention by company X. I also ...
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Are lawyers allowed to contact potential clients?

Would it be inappropriate for a lawyer to proactively find/contact people who might need legal representation and offer them their services? Would it be against any code of conduct or similar? The ...
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What happens if I don't show up to the Court (DRA, Family Court, UK)?

The matter is listed for an adjourned DRA on _____ _____ 2018 10AM. The parties to attend at 9AM. DRA = Dispute Resolution Appointment I want to know what would happen if I don't show up for the ...
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