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Does the housing act 1988 have any associated explanatory notes?

I can’t find them where they would seemingly normally be at Does this mean that they don’t exist?
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On what basis is s14 EA2010 “prospective”?

On, this provision is marked as “prospective.” What does that mean, and what particularly in this case makes it so?
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Is it true that the Chief Justice granted royal assent to the Online Streaming Act?

Within the first minute of this video it is asserted that, although the royal assent to Canadian legislation is normally granted by the governor general, in this case of the Online Streaming Act it ...
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How can I learn information about the purpose, background, and other context of recent U.K. legislation?

Suppose I would like to know the purpose of an Act, or how it relates to other Acts or international obligations. How can I learn information about the purpose, background, and other context of recent ...
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What determines whether or not legislation is re-printed (or digital equivalent) to integrate added or modified provisions?

Sometimes one finds a reference to section 8zb of a law, and proceeds to refer to the law on, only to realise that there is apparently no section 8zb there. One then has to google ...
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Why are inserted legislation section identifiers often preceded by a "z"?

Many times, in UK legislation, the structure is of numbered sections, like 1., 2., 3... Sometimes a subsequent act will insert sections that append lettered suffixes to the numbered section ...
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