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Questions tagged [legislative-drafting]

Questions about the procedure, norms, and language of legislative drafting.

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Are laws written logically and rigorously?

Are laws written logically and rigorously in law books? For example, do texts of laws specifically use "if and only if" instead of the more frequently used but less logically correct "...
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Why don't law collections show who the author of the law is?

When reading laws of the Swiss government it just says: "The federal council decrees x,y,z.". Now I'm wondering who the author of some text was and there seems to be no way to find out. I'm ...
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Would a tautological law have any effect?

Is there any case where a law saying something like "Any person who commits theft is guilty of theft" would have any effect?
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2 answers

Why are some sections of the US Code formatted so weirdly?

There are actually two questions here. First, why are sections not in order? You have 28 USC §1 through §6, which talk about the Supreme Court, then you have §41 to §49 (appeals courts), then §81 to §...
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What is the difference between “by” and “under” an act?

E.g. s149(1)(a), Equality Act 2010 says: A public authority must, in the exercise of its functions, have due regard to the need to— (a)eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any ...
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Does every bill that is passed in a state legislature automatically mean that some part of the legal statutes was modified?

When a bill is passed in a state legislature, is it possible that that the bill just stands alone as a new law, or does it mean that a statute in the state's code of law is updated? For example, if a ...
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What routes are there for citizens to attempt to change a law in Sweden? [closed]

If a citizen wished to have a change to a law voted upon by the government, in Sweden, how should they get into contact with lawmakers to discuss the idea, analyze the current law, provide ...
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Is the use of the singular "they/their/them" in legal writing and legislative drafting recognized to be acceptable / appropriate?

Is use of the singular "they/their/them" in legal writing and/or legislative drafting recognized to be acceptable / appropriate?
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Are legislators and legislative drafts people legally one and the same?

If they are legally seen as such, this seems to me a pretty egregious (egregiously counterproductive) legal fiction. There is no way that members of a legislature can have the time to go through the ...
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