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Reversed license plate!

Yesterday as I was driving I saw a car with a license plate that made me do a double take. The car had: Clearly visible license plate Securely fastened Free of obstruction No obscurring cover over ...
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Can I cover the sports logo on a license plate?

I’m getting my car registered, and I’d like a black license plate to match the paint. Nevada has a Las Vegas Raiders License plate that is black, but it has the Raiders' logo. Would it be legal to ...
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Infraction on expired license plate for transferring of ownership

i'm an international student who just moved to Washington last month. Because my school is quite a distance from my home, i decided to buy a car for convenience. I bought the car in September 23rd, ...
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May I create a custom license plate myself (in Virginia) using a purchased blank plate?

I live in America (VA), and I wanted to replace my current license plate with a customized one. I found an item on Amazon, which gives me a blank black license plate with white text. The original ...
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Minimize police interaction on road trip with bicycle mounted on back of the car, obscuring the license plate

Here is my bicycle mounted on my car, license plate is obscured I am driving like these occasionally here in Orlando, no problems with the cops at all. Now I am planning to do a road trip through ...
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If my license plates are thrown to the dumpster, do I need to report them as lost? [closed]

I lived in three provinces in Canada and kept the license plates that I had in all of them for personal collection purposes. Then I moved to France, leaving some of my things at a friend's (or so I ...
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Can I take the plates off a car for my handicapped mother in law whose name is on the registration and insurance without getting in trouble?

Suppose that an older woman, Abby shares a car with her younger relative Ben. Suppose further that the title has both their names on it. Suppose that the registration and insurance are in her name ...
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6 answers

Is it legal to go take my license plates off a car I sold, without realizing I should keep my plates?

I sold a car a year ago in TX and didn't realize that I should take the plates off. The buyer has taken full advantage of this and is racking up lots of tolls in my name. Fortunately I'm able to get ...
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Legal term for (novel?) technique -- "Use of Force", "Tactical Language", or for intel analysts -- if some police repeat some info on licence plates? [closed]

TL;Dr: The legal issue may be that there is a need to name the law enforcement issue. Is it called "repeating license plates"? Is there a name for the activity, so normal people can describe ...
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Michigan-Registered Car driving in California Front License Plate Question

I am moving from Michigan to California. I am shipping my car, it is in transit. The car is registered in Michigan and Michigan does not require the car to have a front license plate, so my car does ...
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Do I have grounds to file a civil lawsuit against the City of Chicago for my Expired Plates Violation? Is it worth it?

I was 2 months late to renewing my license plate this year. I was given a fine (which was more than fair given my mistake), paid it without contesting, and then renewed my plates (with a late fee). ...
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Can I sell my license plate tabs to someone else if I no longer need them?

I just moved from one state to a bordering state. I had bought license plate tabs for 2020 in the original state. I had yet to apply the tabs to my original state plates, so they are unused. I just ...
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2 answers

Legal to drive a car without front tag out of registered state?

In the U.S. some states do not require cars to display license plates on the front of a vehicle, but a majority require plates on both the front and rear, as shown in the map below. My car is ...
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Can the government force you to change your license plate?

There was an interesting story on hacker news today: A man with the vanity plate NULL ended up gettings thousands of dollars of parking tickets because of a computer glitch. When he complained about ...
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Right to Drive on Public Roads [duplicate]

Driver - Black's 4th One employed in conducting or operating a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a ...
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Using BC License Plates in Alberta

I moved permanently to Alberta from BC. I now have Alberta driver's license and Alberta license plate. Can I continue using my BC license plate?
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Is it legal for a car to have a paper license plate in California?

For over a year a car I see most days has a rear license plate that only has XXX Chevrolet. The license plate frame says XXX Is there an exemption that allows the vehicle owner to use ...
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Covering up a non-essential part of a license plate

I was given a license plate with "In God we Trust" above the numbers. Later I learned that this was supposed to be a choice, and I was given none. Am I permitted to place a sticker over this slogan? I ...
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License Plate Flipper

I would like to install a license plate flipper so I can hide my license plate when I am on private property. I have no need and no intention of hiding my license plate when driving on public roads. ...
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2 answers

Moved to Colorado, been here 60 days & my license plate expired. What can I do?

By law, it seems I can't get residency until 90 days. What can I do? I can't get a plate until I'm a CO resident.
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Is it legal to cover over a slogan on a license plate?

Suppose you had a state slogan on your license plate, and you disliked it. Would it be legal for you to paint over it, or otherwise cover it? (Say, "Ski Utah" or "Water Winter Wonderland," if you ...
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Will I get pulled over for driving a car in Washington if I bought the a brand new car in Oregon with no license plate?

I just bought a brand new car from a dealership that was located in Oregon and currently have to wait 2 weeks for the license plates for some reason. I will be driving the car in Washington state. The ...
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Are NYPD fleet license plates legal?

I've noticed that the NYPD uses some sort of custom fleet license plate such as that seen below. I was able to find this reference that states: No person shall operate, drive or park a motor ...
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Is it illegal to put a license plate from another province on the front of your vehicle in Alberta?

In Alberta you are only required to have one plate on the rear of your vehicle. However, many people will put a decorative plate on the front, just for fun, usually a flag, or a sports team, but you ...
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