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Questions tagged [loan-guarantee]

A promise by one party (the guarantor) to pay off a loan in place of the borrower; often demanded by the lender as a condition of providing a loan. Also called "co-signing".

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Are Recourse loans forgiven during bankruptcy?

Let's say you have a recourse loan on a commercial property, which as I understand it means that a creditor/bank can come after your other assets to make themselves whole if you were to default on ...
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Trying to find a payday loan scam contract

I read about one of the largest payday loan scammers in the United States of America being caught and eventually found guilty. The case was interesting because the company tried to avoid state law by ...
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Is a minor liable to pay old dues to his father on attaining majority?

I had some stepfathers and an equal number of fostermothers in my life. My Stepfathers used to work in customs and central excise department of the government of INDIA. They used to be transferred ...
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dealership title obligations for primary loan holder

My boyfriend thought he was co-signing for his sons car. Turns at they made him the primary loan holder but did not put him on the title.Does a car dealership have a legal obligation to put the ...
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When two promissory notes represent the same debt, which one is legally valid?

An application was completed for a FFEL guaranteed student loan consolidation including a signature on the bottom, promissory note section. The guarantee company insisted a second, computer generated ...
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UK: If brother acts as guarantor on mortgage, is he no longer classed as first time buyer?

If my brother acts as guarantor for my mortgage, but does not put his name on the house deeds, would he no longer be classed as a first-time-buyer? This is important because it makes a difference to ...
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4 votes
3 answers

As the borrower, can I prevent my loan guarantor/co-signer from being released from the guarantee?

Inspired by the question My co-borrower wants her name removed from a 5 year mortgage contract : Assume I am the debtor of a loan, and someone else agreed to guarantee/co-sign the loan for me. If ...
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My co-borrower wants her name removed from a 5 year mortgage contract

Me and my sister in law bought a house. We asked her help to acquire the loan. She signed the mortgage loan for a 5 year contract, and we got the house. Me and my wife paid all the expenses and down ...
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