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3 answers

Loan contracts with very high interest: are they even legally binding?

Say the borrower agreed to a loan contract of repaying $250 for a $200 in 10 days. Obviously, that is a very high annual interest rate, and illegal in many places. First of all, did the lender just ...
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5 answers

Can you avoid capital gains tax by taking out a loan and not repaying debt?

Let's say I have 1 bitcoin and I am selling it for $100k, and I bought it for $0 at the time. Assuming a Capital Gains Tax rate of 33% I would owe $33k, leaving me with only $66k. Could I instead get ...
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How can you enforce repayment of a loan with no due date?

Suppose you loan someone money with an informal but written agreement. No due date is specified. You know they have since obtained a large sum of money, and could pay you back immediately. However, ...
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