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What happens to offset accounts when the lender becomes insolvent?

In Australia and the United Kingdom, it is common for home loans to come with an offset account. The balance of the account is “offset” against the loan when calculating interest, so the borrower ...
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Are loans protected by PayPal Goods & Services?

If a lender loans a borrower say $150 for the borrower to repay $250 in 3 weeks (very high/illegal interest rate) via PayPal G&S, and it turns out that the borrower refuses to repay the loan, what ...
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Which taxes would have to be paid for a €5000+ loan between individuals with zero interest rate in France

Question: In the context of french law and tax regulations, if a lender decides to lend more than €5000 with a 0% interest rate to a borrower, would the lender and/or the borrower have to pay taxes on ...
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What laws, if any, were violated and what are the theoretical penalties for breaking them associated with Trumps failure to disclose the 19.8 m loan?

Trump having a foreign loan for 19.8m that wasn't disclosed is sort of big news now. However, the news doesn't say much about the legal implications, many imply he violated a requirement to disclose ...
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Capital Gains: If I loan Bitcoin to my LLC, can the LLC sell it to pay for expenses, and later repay the loan in USD tax free? (USA Law)

I understand that taking a credit line against Bitcoin collateral is not capital gains event because there is no sale. However, If a party, such as a company, is lent Bitcoin (BTC), sell it to pay ...
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Finding statute/regulation that requires specific loan reporting in Kentucky

As of October 3rd of this year (2022), the state database provider for the state of Kentucky is requiring lenders it licenses for deferred check cashing to report some additional information when ...
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Avoid Capital Gain Tax Selling Borrowed Tokens

I live in UK, but wouldn't mind to get responses related to any jurisdiction. better explain with an example: I buy 180Tokens at $0.10 price. 1 year later I still have those 180Tokens. I freeze ...
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Can I force my ex-spouse to remove my name from a loan?

In California, my girlfriend is on a mortgage with her ex-husband. In the divorce, she agreed that the property was his, but her name remained on the loan. Later, the ex-husband re-financed the house ...