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Are there de minimis exceptions to "food waste" for trash collection?

I'm interested in how de minimis principles can apply in law and especially started thinking about it after reading that certain cities require food waste to be put in a plastic bag. For example, this ...
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To what degree can Interpol agents take part in an international pursuit?

I wonder to what degree Interpol agents can take part in the pursuit of an international fugitive. The whole reason Interpol exists is precisely because one country's authorities cannot simply pursue ...
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Do city regulations stating that food waste should be in "plastic bags" require bags specifically for food waste?

When regulations say that food waste should be in plastic bags, are these bags separate from the plastic bags everyone already uses for general trash anyway? For example, this source says that food ...
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What happens if one neglects, or declines, to pay one's council tax?

This link suggests that there are possibly no criminal implications, either summary or indictable, which is a little counter intuitive and somewhat hard to believe. As a form of tax, one would expect ...
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