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Difference between lotteries and events that involve randomness?

A common marketing strategy is a 'Free giveaway', where 'one lucky person will be selected from (some group) to receive a free (thing)'. I was read that such arrangements can be deemed illegal ...
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Is it legal to run a business where members subscribe for a chance to purchase a product each month?

Trying to determine the legality of a business idea in the United States. The business would offer a monthly membership for a set price. This membership grants the member 1 entry per month. Each month ...
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Is it illegal to have an app that allows 2 friends to “bet” on a sporting event if money is not involved?

Would it be legal in the US to have an app that allows 2 friends to “bet” on a sporting event if there is no exchange of money? Instead, the users would simply accumulate points if they win the bet? ...
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Is online lottery legal in India?

Is a person from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India allowed to play an online lottery? I know playing the lottery is banned in Uttar Pradesh, India, but what about playing the online lottery of other states ...
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Why are promotional games including lottery-like elements not considered as illegal lottery?

Many companies offer promotional games which include 'win codes' if you buy a certain product. These 'win codes' allow to win prizes by chance which are much larger than the value of the bought ...
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Would an online cryptocurrency lottery run by a UK business be constrained to lottery gambling laws in the United Kingdom?

The example UK business wants to run a weekly cryptocurrency lottery, in which cryptocurrency is initially exchanged for tickets, and the prize is cryptocurrency. Participants would not purchase the ...
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Trading card booster packs, loot boxes, the lottery, and your interpretation

I'm a prospective law student currently conducting research on the legality of loot boxes in the United States, and I find Magic the Gathering very relevant. (Reference for Loot Boxes and Booster ...
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Can people sue the state lottery for jeopardizing physical or financial safety due to lack of anonymity?

I had a discussion with a friend and we both ended up agreeing that it recklessly endangers a lottery winner to publicly reveal their identity. If that person becomes robbed, hacked and/or injured ...
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In beer can lottery who gets to keep the prize? Buyer or person who opened the can? Does mutual mistake rule applies to gifts?

I have an interesting situation on my facebook wall. Take ten beers to a friend's house. One wins a motor. Whose? Yours or friend's? Basically in Cambodia there's a beer lottery you open a can and ...
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Can you collect lottery winnings if you live in a state that does not participate?

I live in a state that does not participate in the lottery (Powerball, Mega, etc). If I drive over to another neighboring state that does participate, buy a lottery ticket, and win, is there anything ...
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Is it legal for an individual to raffle a car in Pennsylvania?

I am currently trying to sell my car. However, it is very rare and relatively expensive, and finding a buyer is a slow process. However, everywhere I go I get compliments and people say they would ...
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Gambling law in VA, raffles, lotteries and door prizes

I wish to run an event within the state of Virginia. The event requires that participants bring the equipment necessary to compete and pay an entry fee. Each participant is given a number for both ...
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Contests and Promotions: Is a ticket to a convention where a contest is held "consideration"?

Various game shows and other contests have a rules clause like this within their official rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROMOTION. PURCHASE OF A TICKET WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR ...
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21 votes
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What law requires Canadian and South African citizens to do a mathematical skill test when winning promotional gifts?

In the terms and conditions of a keysight promotion to win an oscilloscope, I stumbled over the following sentence: In accordance with local laws, if the selected entrant is a Canadian or South ...
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Why exclude 13 world countries from international sweepstakes or giveaways?

Why are 13 countries excluded from various contests, giveaways, sweepstakes run by many different types of organizations on the Web? These countries are: Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria,...
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Lottery iOS App

Would Apple allow an app where you can purchase a lottery ticket through PayPal and go into the chance to win, with the winners money going to a PayPal account? What are the legal considerations when ...
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What, if any, consequences exist in practice for "purchase required" sweepstakes & drawings?

I frequently see promotions like the following: "If [and only if] you make a purchase or donation, you will be entered into a drawing to win X." Larger and more conservative corporate sponsors of ...
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Implicit lottery: what if there is no prize?

I often receive emails asking me to do something in exchange of potentially getting some prize (e.g. Amazon Gift Card). Example 1: A great bonus is that if you download Riffiti in the next 48 ...
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