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Which clauses of the Magna Carta are still in force in Canada?

In an answer to another question, it is mentioned that the Magna Carta has legal force in Canada but does not have constitutional status, and can therefore be modified by subsequent legislation. ...
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To what extent is the Magna Carta considered constitutional today in Canada?

I was reading the Wikipedia article on the Canadian Constitution, when I came across this statement (emphasis mine): Enactment of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has also fundamentally changed ...
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Municipal council "approves"/"accepts" secret documents

In Alberta, Canada the Municipal Government Act says: 180(1) A council may act only by resolution or bylaw. Our council emerged from an in camera session and passed a resolution: ... that ...
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Has a common law defence ever held water?

The UK is a common law country. It is a widely held belief of many people that statute Acts of parliament (i.e. most 'laws') only apply with the "consent of the governed"; and that one may be a "free ...
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