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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Maine.

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Does Maine law require a tenant to leash a dog on a rented property occupied by other tenants?

I live in Maine and have a multi-unit home with two units — a first-floor unit and second-floor unit — that I rent out. The two units share the same foyer, and the tenants do not know each other well....
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Does the jurisdiction of a LEO end at an easement?

I'm curious about this video (TYRANT ALERT PHOTOG ATTACKED BY FEDERAL AGENTS - MICHAEL HODSON U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PATROL) of a federal LEO (law enforcement officer) who is egregiously assaulting/...
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Seek second opinion for failed vehicle inspection

I brought my car to a mechanic for an annual state inspection. The mechanic identified a defect which prevented them from passing the car. I brought the vehicle to a different mechanic, disclosed the ...
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Is an employer rule mandating face coverings on their grounds enforceable even when employee is off work?

My employer (a private college in the US state of Maine) has a new rule mandating face coverings for employees, including in outdoor settings on their campus. The campus is open to the public to enjoy ...
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Where do I have to live during my emancipation process?

I live in Maine and am unaware of what exactly the laws are in this state. I turn 17 in a few months. My mother told me to leave the house, but filed a missing person's report when I did. I am ...
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