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How can I protect myself of building a university review website

Suppose that a developer builds a website that let students write reviews of their university. It seems possible that such a site might get lawsuits from the universities if there are some negative ...
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Is it against the law to take over a defunct website's domain name?

Let's assume that there is a website called Tomorrow Tech run by a company named Viral Tech Ltd. Half a year ago, it was shut down for undisclosed reason. The name of the website was also no longer ...
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What is the legislation which prevents dual-nationality in Malaysia?

Most people in Malaysia know that dual nationality is not allowed, for adults at least, and generally refer back to the Constitution. However, the relevant part of the Malaysian constitution states: ...
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What to do if a Company terminates your contract before 1 week of joining date?

Working in Malaysia I got a job offer from one of the famous MNCs 1 month ago under another Company's payroll. I got the offer letter and all the documentation is complete. I resigned from my current ...
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Can people use an LLC in Delaware to legally avoid tax in his home country?

Say I am a citizen of Malaysia. I am thinking of either opening a corporation in Seychelles or Delaware LLC. As far as I know, both are tax free, cheap, and stuff. Delaware LLC is even cheaper. ...
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