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Why is Medicare not included in the entities of policy change for CMS?

See this link. Why is Medicare not included in this list? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for ...
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Does Jimmo Settlement Agreement of 2013 also apply to Medicaid?

The Jimmo Settlement Agreement was passed in 2013. This is under the Center for Medicare & Medicaid. In laymen's terms, this allows a patient to receive help with skilled therapy/nursing ...
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What happens to the heirs/successors of Medicaid recipients who are members of Special Needs Trusts?

US and NYS here. I am reviewing options to try and get my elderly mother (she's 75 and quite sick with miscellaneous heart, lung and vacularity problems) eligible for Medicaid. I was told about Pooled ...
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Hiring senior family members to get them free medicare [closed]

I've heard of family friends putting their senior parents (who are too old to work in any meaningful way) on the payroll of a business owned by a family member. The parent stays on the payroll getting ...
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Interpretation of "and" for conditions on when a law applies to a person

My question is also about this legal language structure in general: "This law applies to a person if they X and Y." I read this as a strict and, that the law applies only if the person ...
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When I change my status, do I need to report public benefits received before October 15, 2019?

If I was pregnant 30 months ago, do I still need to say on form I-539 that I used Medicaid during my pregnancy? What if I answer that I didn't use Medicaid? What does this sentence mean in the ...
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