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Mineral rights are property rights to exploit an area for the minerals it harbors. Mineral rights can be separate from property ownership (see split-estate tag).

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In Arizona, what determines the order of priority for rights to water?

This recent article made me think more about what determines who has rights to water, e.g. in the case of a major long-term water shortage. Is it a charter under CAPLTER? Is it the date the home or ...
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What access rights do I have as a patented mine owner?

I recently purchased a historic patented mine. There is an extensive tunnel network but some of the tunnels leading to my property have entrances off my property on National Forest land. There used to ...
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Does your land property give you the right to anything below your property like an oil reserve?

Does your land property gives you the right to anything below your property like an oil reserve? I am wondering if the state has the rights to it, or you have the rights to it in the United States. I ...
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Who owns a mineral deposit that spans across multiple properties

In the US, if a mineral (oil/gas) field/reserve is found and it spans across multiple private properties, how is the ownership of the product divided among these properties? (assuming owners have ...
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Legally extract oil [closed]

Supposedly I purchased a land and I found that beneath this land there is a huge amount of oil. Now is it legal if I extract this oil and sell it or does this oil belongs to the country?
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Researching of decades old oil well deed?

In 1981 my father purchased interest in an oil well, for which I have the paperwork. I am attempting to do some research on behalf of my mother to see if, after all this time, there was/is any value ...
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