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In what jurisdictions is there a “duty to assist“ others in distress?

Apparently in the U.S. there is no duty to assist others, no matter how grave their plight. In what jurisdictions is this not the case?
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How can a lawyer represent a guilty client? [duplicate]

This is specifically referring to the circumstance where a lawyer knows for a fact that their client is guilty through whatever means, and the client is pleading not guilty. So I have often heard that ...
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how can a citizen change a law that is fundamentally flawed? [closed]

Supposedly governments exist to serve their people; to enhance the well-being of their communities; to make things better - not worse. If it becomes apparent to an ordinary, upstanding citizen that ...
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USA: Do 911/PD phone operators have a 'duty to rescue'?

As I understand it: 'duty to rescue' does not generally exist for regular citizens in the USA. (Some exceptions apply!) Let's say I'm in Europe and I call the general inquiry phone number of a local (...
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Do I have to take the US Census Bureau - Commerce Economics And Statistics Administration census

I have received a few letters/forms by snail mail asking for my response to a census. The letter noted that it would help the policy making and identification of resources because I was careful picked ...
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Using a website in an app under different name

In mobile development, you can embed a webpage in your app as part of the app. Now someone has asked me to embed a certain webpage from a website which offers a panel (which you have to buy) to their ...
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Child care exemptions for jury duty in NYS?

New York State (USA) here. I work full time and my wife is a full-time stay at home mom and caretaker for our two children (ages 4 and 6). My wife received a Jury Duty summons and is expected to show ...
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To what extent can question of morality be a part of question of law?

I just read this news where a man did not leave anything to his daughters in his last will, and that has been effectively corrected by the court because the man "breached his moral duty to his ...
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