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Legality of legacy Delta advertisement [closed]

Would the following advert be illegal currently? What specific laws would it disobey and why? Or would it be totally legal? It's hardly controversial compared to i.e. Tinder adverts, or Sex in the ...
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Why is breach of code of conduct applicable for a morally and legally different culture?

Let's say there is a guy named Samuel, who is 20 years old from Germany sexting with a girl named Mary, who is 16 years old and also from Germany. Sexting was mutually agreed upon. Samuel sends her a ...
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Are there laws stating that contracts should have good morals?

I am reading a contract that is clearly one sided and demands a lot of rights on the recipient's end to be withdrawn for the sake of the lease agreement. The lending party also wants to negate a lot ...
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Reference request: A lawyer's take on the novel _Starman Jones_?

A lawyer named James Stone has a Youtube channel on which he posts his analyses of movies that involve legal matters – usually civil or criminal lawsuits. I've wondered about a lawyer's take on a ...
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How is it that Law may work by "legal precedent" but then it also "goes with the current culture and ethics"?

Since Legal Precedent is important or crucial, but at the same time the current culture or ethics also can play an important role, then how do they work together -- won't they conflict with each other?...
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Using a website in an app under different name

In mobile development, you can embed a webpage in your app as part of the app. Now someone has asked me to embed a certain webpage from a website which offers a panel (which you have to buy) to their ...
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2 answers

To what extent can question of morality be a part of question of law?

I just read this news where a man did not leave anything to his daughters in his last will, and that has been effectively corrected by the court because the man "breached his moral duty to his ...
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