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In France, can the insurance not apply if my motorcycle has racing parts?

I have a motorcycle in France that is insured. For clarification, I do ride on road and not on a circuit. Doing some maintenance, I changed the air filter to a racing one that says to increase air ...
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19 votes
7 answers

Are there any laws against either excessively loud motorcycles or riding such motorcycles inconsiderately in residential areas at night?

Loud disturbing motorcycles are awful but occasionally circle around certain roads after midnight up and down gratuitously if the objective is actually transportation. One would hope that there are ...
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1 answer

Must a driving instructor accompany a learner on a motorcycle in India?

I am an Indian citizen who recently entered adulthood. I have thus been learning how to drive vehicles. To be able to drive a vehicle in order to gain experience, you need a Learner's license, as is ...
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How to report noisy car or motorcycle exhausts

Meet Bob. He was walking down the street when an obnoxious motorcyclist with a modified engine to be deliberately loud rode past him quite aggressively while revving his engine as loudly as he could ...
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